I thought it would be good to update everyone on the kids. The twins have started to sleep through the night. Yah!! Usually they wake up once or twice just because they want their pacifiers. They generally go to bed around 7 or 8 and get up at 7. It’s awesome! I wish we would have realized that putting them to bed early was a good thing a month or two ago. We used to try to keep them up until like 9 because we thought they would sleep better and longer. Well, that’s not the case with these two. More sleep=more sleep. Lovely.

Smiley boy

B has started falling asleep on the floor of wherever we are. It makes things really easy when we’re out visiting people. She also will just fall asleep within 5 minutes when I lay her in her crib for naps, whereas A can sometimes cry and whine for a bit. It’s amazing how different these babies can be for twins. And to prove this point before I started this post I put the twins down for a nap. By the end of it, B was already sleeping and A was trying to roll over. Haha.

Isn't she sweet?

Look at those two teeth!

Our biggest challenge lately is that we started potty training with E. I wish we could have gotten this done before the twins arrived but I don’t think she was ready. I have figured out a little secret to get her to sit on the potty. Books. If I tell her we’ll read books while she’s sitting on the potty she’ll sit there for like an hour. The only problem with this is that she’ll sit for about 30 minutes on the potty and she won’t go. Then she’ll get up and go into the living room or wherever and pee. LOL. We’ll get there I know! She’s a smart little girl.

Potty and book time for this little girl!