The twins turned five months old yesterday. What!? When did that happen? I really can’t believe it. Since they’ve gotten older B is not as fussy at night, which makes Mama happy!

We really are enjoying this time of our lives. With B squealing constantly (I’m afraid she’s going to disturb some people in church tomorrow. LOL) and A just being his normal, smiley self, and E being tons of fun and ever getting into trouble as always, we love our lives.

We’ve been stuffing these babies full of rice cereal and bananas and I think it’s been helping them sleep better at night. Last night B got up once and she only drank 2 oz so I know she could sleep through the night. And, well, A, he’s been a little bugger. He doesn’t want to sleep. He would rather stay up and hang out with parents. Not that I can blame him, we are pretty awesome! I’m hoping that with his belly more full of food he’ll sleep better.