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The twins were 8 months old yesterday. Eight months old! Wow. Can you believe it? This year sure is flying by.

Little bear hanging out with his dad.

So, big sister has taken it upon herself to do whatever the twins are doing, whether it be crying, rolling over on the floor or chewing on toys. I’ve told her many times that she’s a big girl, not a baby, but you know how well two-year-olds listen. In this next picture I was getting B dressed for the day and E saw me take off all her sister’s clothes. So, E had to take off all her clothes too and also put on a diaper instead of her big girl panties. 🙂

B sat up on her own for the first time the other night. I can’t believe it! She’s getting so big. Soon she’ll be crawling!!

Go Vikes!

Posing for the camera

Little football fans

Big boy has something important to say.

Up next: Sitting pretty

The twins are almost 8 months old. Crazy, I know! I love how they are starting to interact with each other. They sleep in separate cribs but you can see them looking for each other when we first lay them down for their naps. B loves to take A‘s pacifier out of his mouth. Sometimes he’ll cry and other times he’ll just roll over and go about his business.

I found them on the flooring “talking” to each other:

And then I found this:

Chewing on brother’s foot….

Pretty pleased with herself…

Brother’s revenge!!

Pretty pleased with himself…

Last week we got out E‘s Adrian Peterson jersey that she used to wear last year. I figured that with A being so big, he could probably fit into it. Well, as soon as E saw it, she had to wear it. And she’s been wearing it everyday since….

B is so close to crawling it’s scary! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. Pretty soon she’ll be cruisin’ around the floor. Watch out then!

And because we couldn’t leave A out:

Up next: Twin time!

This post is dedicated to all the smiling babies out there, particularly mine. Enjoy. 🙂

Up next: AP and the almost crawler….

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in over a month. I’ve been meaning to and then I forget. Well, here’s the first of many more. I promise to keep you all updated more often.

E has been helping me feed the kids during the day and whoever she happens to feed ends up in a huge mess, but oh, what fun we have!

B being fed by her big sister.

The aftermath. (Not bad I know)

A being fed by his big sister.

"Mama, please help me."

The aftermath.

Up next: Happy babies!

E really wanted to take a picture with the twins, which is not normal for her. Usually she wants nothing to do with them, especially since they always invade her space.


Big girl

I tried to get a good picture of E in her cute Thanksgiving outfit but she was too busy playing with toys at Grandma’s house.

We put up the Christmas tree a few days ago and I’m constantly having to move the twins away from the tree. Silly babies.

The twins are six months old today! I can’t believe it.

Thanksgiving babies

We are so blessed to have these two in our lives. They are so awesome!